Big Chill Winter Challenge Updates

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Big Chill Winter Challenge Updates

Big Chill Where are we NOW?

Join us for a 5-month Ocean Adventure! On Dec 1 We will begin heading north in a Virtual challenge to swim all the way up the Pacific Coast.  Each swimmer (there are about 30 of us!) is logging their own miles and we are adding all miles together as a group.  Twice every month we will have updates on where we are, with pictures and fun facts about the area.  The California Coastline is

This is NOT a competition… EVERYONE WINS!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN on Strava the club called Big Chill Winter Challenge 2019.  Simply create your profile, join the club, log your miles each time you swim and come back here for updates twice a month (pool or ocean, with accessories or just suit/goggles ALL MILES COUNT).

On Dec 1 the Big Chill Swimmers headed north                          

On December 1 our Big Chillers will start at the border of California and Mexico. We’ll leave from Tijuana  after an imaginary kickoff party which may leave some of our more social members a bit tired!  Did you ever notice how far the Border Wall extends out into the sea!  Don’t forget your passport!  Our passing will be easy, but sometimes Surfers get taken across the border accidentally because at that beach the ocean current is strong, and even they cannot paddle hard enough to resist the flow taking them past the sea wall, into the neighboring country!  Let’s swim strong, and consistently, and safely for the next 5 months.  Bon Voyage!





Choose your favorite, the one with the most votes will win! Cubes or Dolphins Use the comments below to vote! Votes will be counted on Dec 14th.  Note that caps will be printed in one color.
swimmer Support Neuromuscular Therapy This design is called DOLPHIN  Vote in comments below!

 This design is called CUBES  Vote in comments below!



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