Massage for Post-Mastectomy Gentle Scar Release


Is your shoulder restricted since your mastectomy?

Do you feel unnatural tension around the muscles of the arm and back when you reach up? Surgical scars, implants, or radiation atrophy may be the cause of neck pain or limitation of the shoulder. Whether it’s been weeks or years since your surgery, massage can help gently free up your range of motion and address pockets of swelling.

Gentle Scar Release massage is very carefully administered by therapists who have an additional level of Oncology Massage Specialty training. The muscles are extra tight and sensitive, and your expert therapist can find nurturing ways to ease the tension and relieve pain. If you are self-conscious about your scars, don’t worry. We don’t have to expose the entire area in order to effectively address it. Your modesty will be honored at all times. If you’ve also had lymph node biopsy or removal, massage on your shoulders and chest needs to be modified. We can release adhesions and knots using gentle techniques that are safe for you. While deep massage can cause tissue damage and even lymphedema swelling, Gentle Scar Release safely addresses the muscles to give lasting relief. You don’t have to live with the pain.

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Client Testimonial

From Michelle G:

"Dynamic Touch has done chair massage at my office twice now and it has been amazing! All my coworkers loved the in office relaxation!! It is an inexpensive way to show the office that they are appreciated and deserve a little extra attention. I highly recommend it! Bea and Denise were fabulous!"