KTape or Cupping

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Massage Cupping uses a Pulling technique, also referred to as “negative pressure” or “decompression”. It is VERY different from typical Massage.
By creating suction, massage cupping is used to drain excess fluids; bring fresh blood flow to stagnant tissues; loosen scars, adhesions and stubborn knots. Massage Cupping is a modified version of “cupping therapy”, which has been used in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. Rather than working with the Chinese Energy system, we are using the cups to affect the muscles, fascia and lymph beds.

Benefits of Cupping:

  • The cup can be left in place, and you will lie still for a few seconds to a few minutes, melting knots below.
  • Placement of multiple cups can be accented by your movements to stretch and pull muscle tissues across the body, releasing lines of deep tension.
  • Oil or lotion can be applied, allowing the cup to be pulled in a gliding movement over the skin, stimulating circulation and detoxification.
  • You will feel a gentle pulling, bringing deep warmth or refreshing tingling, sometimes long after the treatment has ended. A full treatment varies from invigorating to sedating allowing clients a profound state of relaxation that is all its own.

CAUTION: While we do our best to be gentle, Massage Cupping may leave marks that can last from a few days to two weeks. So don’t try this just before your big photo shoot!


That bright, colorful tape you see athletes wear on TV can help relieve pain and swelling in muscles and joints. It can also provide structural support for an injured area. Your therapist will give you suggestions for managing your injury and a healthy return to activity.

Schedule as Therapeutic Massage for 30 minutes (although it may not take that long), and add a note in the Special Instructions. $55 or $15 added to any other massage.

SAME TREATMENT, VARIOUS BRANDS OF TAPE: RockTape, K-Tape, KT Tape, Spartan Tape, etc.

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape:

  • Reduces spot-specific inflammation
  • Speeds recovery of overused muscles
  • Prevents or relieves spasms and cramps

Tape application requires skilled hands to get the most benefit. Effects of Kinesotape are different depending on the direction and stretch of the tape or stretch of the skin. Research shows wearing kinesiology tape may improve circulation, and help heal and prevent muscle injury. It’s different from traditional athletic tape because it allows freedom of movement and blood flow to speed the healing process.

Dynamic Touch Massage

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Client Testimonial

From Michelle G:

"Dynamic Touch has done chair massage at my office twice now and it has been amazing! All my coworkers loved the in office relaxation!! It is an inexpensive way to show the office that they are appreciated and deserve a little extra attention. I highly recommend it! Bea and Denise were fabulous!"