Active Release Technique or Functional Range

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Active Release Technique:

ART incorporates pressure point massage with the client’s active stretching. ART is the state-of-the art technique that can release adhesions and restore function to scarred tissue. This modality is the same one popularized by providers at Ironman Races. Bring or wear sweat pants and a t-shirt.

During half-hour sessions, you will remain clothed and minimal oil is used. For one-hour sessions, ART may be embedded into a regular massage, or incorporated in the last 10-15 minutes of your session.

Benefits of ART:

  • Relieves tension on tendons (tendonitis)
  • Releases trapped nerves
  • Finally resolves stubborn, longstanding problems

There are over 500 specific ART protocols which help identify and correct the specific problems that affect each individual client. ART is not a cookie-cutter approach. Only Dynamic Touch therapists Katcha and Kathy have taken the extra training to become a certified ART practitioner.


Functional Release (FR) and Conditioning (FRC):

Functional Range Release and Conditioning Techniques, or FR® is an advanced, system of soft tissue assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation used by highly regarded manual therapists around the world.  FR® does not only function to treat injuries, it is also used to improve the quality of a persons movement, as well as to promote joint health and longevity.

Functional Range Release:

Comprehensive assessment of joint ability to command the greatest range of motion from the joint capsule level. FR analyzes muscle tension to provide qualitative feedback noting where to take action with manual therapy.

Functional Range Conditioning:

Utilizing the concepts of “Irradiation, Specificity, and Adaptation” leads to the path of conscious joint-muscular mobility. Training though the 3 Levels of FRC systems creates greater active range of motion. Improves conscious ability to command flexibility while being
mobile. Also improves the awareness of joints to build the resilience for injury mitigation.

Alfred is the Only therapist at Dynamic Touch who offers this session.

Price of FR / FRC. 1 1/2 Hours: $135; Two Hours: $200
– First consult (up to one hour) is $95.
– Dress in modest fitting athletic clothes.

FR / FRC benefits

  • Reduction of compressive joint pain
  • Increased resilience of joint range of motion
  • Injury mitigation for accelerated return to sport
  • Broaden the variety of joint angles to command during sports/ play/ life

FR / FRC provides increased ability to move through all ranges of motion the skeletal structure will allow, pain free. Whether you are a couch potato, a yogi, or a performance athlete, all that fall anywhere in between will benefit from proper joint function with pain free movement. Building the sensory awareness of the joint capsule to withstand sudden intense loads without giving way to injury, is the core intention of the FR / FRC system.

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Client Testimonial

From Michelle G:

"Dynamic Touch has done chair massage at my office twice now and it has been amazing! All my coworkers loved the in office relaxation!! It is an inexpensive way to show the office that they are appreciated and deserve a little extra attention. I highly recommend it! Bea and Denise were fabulous!"