Lymphedema Awareness Month- Lymphatic Massage Benefits

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For Lymphedema Awareness Month, we are telling the stories of a few of our clients- maybe one of them will make you think of someone you know that could benefit from massage!


Having Lymphedema changes the way you live your life . You never know when you are going to wake up with that ominous feeling of fullness which might mean your arm might be swollen to 50% bigger and heavier tomorrow from lymphatic fluid that can’t get out. Judy S knew she had lymphedema as soon as she woke up from anesthesia feeling like her arm was puffy and tight. When she found out she had breast cancer, and needed only a lumpectomy rather than full mastectomy, she figured she was one of the lucky ones.   The Sentinel Node Biopsy took lymph nodes from her armpit on the side of the lump, and thank goodness they didn’t find any more cancer there.  But ever since the surgery in 2008 she has to wear a compression sleeve and glove on her left arm arm to keep the lymphatic fluid in balance.  She finds that Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) massages help reduce her Lymphedema before it gets out of control.  Judy knows she should wear her sleeve all the time, but she gets tired of it, and when she doesn’t wear it she gets flare-ups.  Over time, lymhedema can causes hardening of the muscles called fibrosis, which also weakens them and causes joint pain.  Keeping the fluid level down has been shown to prevent this.  So she’s going to make a habit of getting  MLD massage monthly.


To support Lymphedema Research and Awareness, you can participate in the Annual Stomp Out Lymphedema Virtual Walk/Run in May!

For people with complicated medical situations, Skilled, nurturing touch of a massage therapist can make a big difference. Do you know of someone with Lymphedema who might benefit from massage?  To get more information about Dynamic Touch Massage Lymphedema Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Click Here .

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