Get Massage for Foot, Ankle and Calf Pain

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Having trouble with pain from running or walking lately?  Many people have pain in their lower legs. This can be in the shin, in the calf, at the Achilles tendon, or on the bottom of the foot. The Good news is Massage Therapy, especially Deep Tissue and Active Release Technique (ART) can relieve and manage these pains, and get you back to your activities sooner.

Each muscle of the leg has a unique job. The muscles work as a team to give us smooth, fluid movements. When the muscles get stuck together, they can’t do their jobs effectively. Calf Pain,  Achilles Tendinitis, and Shin Splits are often due to adhesions, and Massage Therapy is just the thing to help restore the individuality of motion in the calf muscles and encourage healing.

The right kind of massage can help stretch and loosen muscles, tendons and ligaments, restoring balance and reducing foot and leg pain. Your therapist at Dynamic Touch can give you suggestions on self-massage that can help you get better faster.

Plantar Fascitis is definitely something that massage can help with.  By modifying activities, loosening the muscles and tendons of the feet and calves, and implementing a good stretching routine, Most Plantar Fascitis can be managed with Massage.

Foot pain can be from a bony change such as a Bunion.  The picture above shows how the bones begin to zig-zag and as they do, the muscles get pulled, and ligaments get weak.  Massage can really ease the pain and slow progress of Bunions, but unfortunately cannot reverse bony damage that has already accumulated. (read more about Bunions)


Often we cause injuries just because we tend to push our bodies too hard. But sometimes underlying medical conditions result in muscle pain, too. Such as pain after surgery, from stress and worry, or from lying in bed to rest. Skilled, nurturing touch of a massage therapist can make a big difference during these times. Dynamic Touch Massage Therapists are qualified to keep you safe, and give you a relaxing and relieving massage experience.

Here are a few of the Medical Conditions we can work with, and relieve sore, tight muscles:

Anxiety disorders (Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain)
Achilles Tendonitis
Arthritis (and Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Back Spasms
Cancer- in treatment, Post-Surgical, Scar Tissue Release and Survivors
Disc Surgery for Neck or Back
Frozen Shoulder
Heart Surgery Recovery
Hip/Knee Replacement
Multiple Sclerosis
Plantar Fascitis
Sciatic Pain
Tension Headaches

Dynamic Touch Massage

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Client Testimonial

From Michelle G:

"Dynamic Touch has done chair massage at my office twice now and it has been amazing! All my coworkers loved the in office relaxation!! It is an inexpensive way to show the office that they are appreciated and deserve a little extra attention. I highly recommend it! Bea and Denise were fabulous!"