Celebrate National Innergize Day with Massage!

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Innergize Day is a day for you! Take some “Me-Time” and do something nice for yourself!

How many ways can you think of to celebrate? A massage is a great way to recharge your batteries and add some “Innergy”.

Benefits of Massage Gifts

National Innergize day is observed annually on the day after the Autumnal Equinox.

Take this day to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Focus on your personal well-being. Do things you enjoy that make you feel good about yourself. Let stress and worry fade away for the day, and come to Dynamic Touch to have a wonderful, Therapeutic Relaxing massage! We won’t just make you feel nice, we’ll make you feel better!

Everyone needs to take time to Innergize!
Don’t let a complicated medical situation get in the way of your Spa Day! Skilled, nurturing touch of a massage therapist can make a big difference during times of healing and adversity. If you know of someone with a medical condition who might benefit from massage, get more information about the Dynamic Touch Massage Team and each therapist’s extra education that make us qualified to take care of those that are a little vulnerable and keep them safe.

Massage can help with most Medical Problems!
Here are a few of the Medical Conditions we can work with:
Arthritis (and Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Back Spasms
Cancer- in treatment, Post-Surgical
Cancer Survivors
Disc Surgery
Frozen Shoulder
Heart Surgery
Hip/Knee Replacement
Multiple Sclerosis

Dynamic Touch Massage

Dynamic Touch—we don’t just make you feel nice, we make you feel BETTER!

We are experts in Massage Therapy with the highest level of experience, integrity, and dedication. Through years of excellent service, we’ve dedicated our careers to your health needs and create a relaxed environment that revitalizes you and eases your pain. We find our purpose in life by truly caring for our community, our clients and their health.

Client Testimonial

From Michelle G:

"Dynamic Touch has done chair massage at my office twice now and it has been amazing! All my coworkers loved the in office relaxation!! It is an inexpensive way to show the office that they are appreciated and deserve a little extra attention. I highly recommend it! Bea and Denise were fabulous!"